"Alien" looking Cat attracts more than 40,000 followers on Instagram

A 2-year-old cat with dark piercing eyes has attracted a large following because of her appearance.

Matilda, born on February 14, 2013, is a small cat that looks more like an alien than an average cat.

Her owners noticed something was wrong with the feline when one of her eyes started squinting, according to her website. After tracking down her siblings, they were able to find out that she has lens luxation, a genetic disorder that caused her to be blind in both eyes.

The owners considered surgery but, her condition makes it difficult to heal from injuries and surgeries.

"No matter what happens, her servants think she's perfect and beautiful," say Matilda's owners on her website.

Matilda continues to see a vet regularly and to sees the ophthalmologist when necessary.

The owners have created a fundraising page to help raise resources for other animals in need.

You can follow Matilda on Instagram @aliencatmatilda