Allegations arise against local high school staff member

There are new allegations against a high school staff member in Burlington County. Parents did not even know about this until we started asking questions. Police say that staff member is accused of inappropriate behavior with students.

Medford, New Jersey police and Lenape Regional High School District officials confirm tonight a staff member at its high school is off the job and banned from the campus or school events after allegations arose of "inappropriate behavior."

The chief of police tells Fox 29 his department and the Burlington County Prosecutor have a "very active investigation" going and says the claims "do not" include "physical contact with students."

The chief while not releasing specifics of the alleged wrong-doing or the staff members' name tells Fox 29 District officials alerted police to the inappropriate conduct last Thursday.

A spokesman for the Burlington County Prosecutor confirmed the probe but nothing more.

FOX 29 began asking questions about the allegations late this morning, by 1:14 this afternoon the school district sent first word of the claims to school parents.

The news was sent to parents by e-mail. It confirms the allegations have been made against the high school staff member without providing specifics or a name and reveals:

"...there is an ongoing investigation by the authorities. We continue to cooperate with the investigative efforts by the authorities."

FOX 29 was asked to leave school property this afternoon as we sought comment from parents.

Again, it's a dual-agency investigation of allegations of "inappropriate conduct"--conduct which does not--say officials--include "physical contact" with students. The claims are serious enough to "ban" the staffer from the high school or school events.