Alleged 'Spider-man thief' escapes store by climbing through ceiling

Mobile, AL- An Alabama man found a creative way to avoid a probable theft arrest, reports.

After allegedly thieving a debit card, shoes, a hat, a watch and underwear from a Wal-Mart in Mobile, the suspect was able to elude a loss prevention officer by climbing through the ceiling of the building until he reached an exit.

The man, now being referred to as the ‘Spider-man thief,' scuffled with an officer, after he tried to leave the store with the stolen items.

"The crazy thing was the initial excitement," said Brannan Lynn, a shopper at Wal-Mart who caught the incident on camera. "We thought it was over."

Employees detained the suspect in a security office, where he began to bang aggressively on the door.

Eventually, customers noticed loud noises coming from the ceiling. Lynn, who was eating at a McDonalds that is attached to the Wal-Mart, told that the man kicked out a portion of the McDonald's ceiling.

Eventually the suspect escaped by kicking his way through the ceiling near an exit, and running out the door.

The man dropped the items before fleeing the premises, and left the parking lot in a red car.

Take a look at the video and photos of the incident above.