Amazon Prime customer says delivery man went inside her home to drop off package

An Amazon Prime customer says the delivery man went inside her home to drop off her package.

Kellie Harper Cunningham says she's been an Amazon Prime customer for several years, but nothing prepared Kellie for what happened during Wednesday's big snowstorm. Just before 3 p.m., a delivery duo arrives--two men with Kellie's order of nail supplies.

"See, the trunk's open and they're getting something out of it."

Kellie was in the kitchen when she says she heard a noise and went outside to investigate.

Just then, she says she received an alert from Amazon: "Package was left in a secure location...Kellie Harper Cunningham...with my address."

Thinking her order may have been swiped, Kellie checks her security camera footage and sees one of the deliverymen go to her front door. After a few seconds, he appears to check the doorknob.The footage cuts out at that point, but Kellie calls Amazon and receives the shock of her life--a photo's been posted to her account verifying delivery--a photo of her packages sitting on a chair INSIDE her front room. "I think Amazon shouldn't be in my house," she said.

I know what you're thinking maybe Kellie has that new Amazon Key that allows for in-home delivery.

"No, I don't have that," she said.

It appears the deliveryman discovered the front door unlocked and went into Kellie's home to drop off her order.

Amazon responded to FOX 29's Bruce Gordon inquiries with a written statement that "we take these matters seriously..."

A spokesman tells FOX 29 the man who entered the home is no longer delivering packages for Amazon.

"Just cancel!'" she remembers telling the person on the phone. "And they didn't cancel it. And I did order today. I know, I ordered today!"

Even the angriest of customers it appears want good-looking nails.