Animal coalition hopes to make Philadelphia state's first 'no-kill' city

Animal welfare leaders in Philadelphia announced efforts to become the state' first no-kill city on Wednesday afternoon.

Members of a number of Philadelphia's animal welfare organizations including are expected to announce the formation of the 'Philadelphia No-Kill Coalition.' Those organizations include the Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT Philly), The Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and The Pennsylvania SPCA (PSPCA).

Organizers say the coalition will enlist the help of animal welfare organizations throughout the region, and ask these organizations to work together to end the killing of healthy, treatable, and manageable cats and dogs within the city of Philadelphia.

"We are proud to announce the formation of the Philadelphia No-Kill Coalition," said Vincent Medley of ACCT Philly Wednesday.

"The only way to create a truly no-kill city, and an environment of compassion and care, is to work together and help each other, which will ultimately lead to saving the lives of countless animals in our city," Medley added.

The coalition will instead promote humane alternatives for community cats, and ultimately aim to reach 100% safe placement of healthy and treatable pets.

"Through partnership and collaboration, we will make Philadelphia a city where no healthy or treatable pet dies in a shelter," said Melissa Levy of PAWS.

The city of Philadelphia has already seen improvement in their animal lifesaving abilities in recent years, as approximately 82% of cats and dogs entering ACCT Philly in 2017 survived, compared with only 11% in 2005.

The number of animals entering the shelter has declined sharply as well as approximately 18,000 dogs and cats were taken into ACCT Philly in 2017, compared to over 30,000 as recently as 2011 - a 40% drop.

Nationwide, major metropolitan cities like Austin, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida have taken similar actions to place healthy and treatable pets.

For more information about the Philadelphia No-Kill Coalition, including a list of participating organizations, visit: