Anti-violence rally held in response to 6-year-old shot

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) "I'm nervous and kind of afraid to let them be out here on the block with stuff happening that really has nothing to do with the kids," said Stephanie Montague, who like many parents on the 6300 block of Woodstock Street in East Germantown, is hesitant to let her children play freely on their street. Her neighbor feels exactly the same.

"I think they should be able to come out but everybody's so nervous. You just don't know. Things happen in broad day light and it's so unpredictable," said Eleanor Bowers.

The fear stems from the shootout out here Tuesday night. A stray bullet hit a 6-year old girl playing on her porch. It's forced a conversation no parent wants to have with their child.

"They know what happened, yeah they know what happened. They're kind of scared. They talk about it every now and then like we're happy we weren't out there," said Montague.

"We got to put the guns down," yelled Colwin Williams from a bullhorn.

The shooting drew community activists to the block this evening.

"That don't make you gangsta because you can shoot down the block with innocent children playing cause I got beef with you," he said.

Philadelphia Ceasefire set up to pass out fliers on gun violence and try to calm neighbors but when they arrived people stayed in their doorways and kids were afraid to come off their porches.

"Children have the right to come out and play and be safe," said Williams.

Eventually a local minister also showed up to give out free water ice and pretzels to the children.

The group even had to take them to the children too afraid to come out in the street.

"It's sad. It's sad sweetheart," said 93-year old Louise Gines. She's lived on the street 40-years and says she's never seen it as bad as it is now.

"I can't even come out and sit on my porch."

Meanwhile, the 6-year-old shot in the arm is still recovering and police continue to try to identify the gunmen.