Are you losing your friends over your vote?

It was a simple enough question for Facebook - and for people on Independence Mall on Wednesday.

How many friends have you lost to political fallings-out as Election Day approaches?

"Man, I really don't care if I lose friends," said Nicky Lawrence, in town visiting from Hot Springs, Arkansas. "I mean, I have my opinion and they can have theirs."

That's about what I heard back from Facebook, where the comments read like war-stories. Two people told me they'd lost three friends that they know of. Another told me he'd lost count of the casualties. One said that he'd lost dozens of Facebook friends, but no real ones. Out on the mall, people were keeping their opinions to themselves. "Whatever opinions I have I share with my wife and family, and leave it there," said one. Another implored the world-at-large to please vote, but stop fighting on Facebook.

A Monmouth University poll from two weeks back said that seven percent of those polled had lost a real friend to electoral season political squabbles. What about you? Are you keeping it above the belt, or are you the one ranting and raving in the early AM? Tweet us @fox29philly and @hankfox29.