Atlanta Police officers speak about saving dog from burning building

Two police officers, who many are calling heroes, spoke for the first time Thursday morning since saving a dog from a burning home several weeks ago.

The dramatic rescue took place on January 7. Officers, along with firefighters, responded to a house fire on Mason Turner Road and Joseph E. Boone Blvd. Firefighters battled the blaze, while the officers checked the area. It was during that check that Officer Robert Wrinkler noticed a dog inside the building.

Wrinkler pulled the dog out and the poor pup was recorded struggling to breathe on the officer's body cam footage. Wrinkler carried the dog away from the burning house.

Other officers, including Officer Austin Denninger, joined in to help save the dog. One was seen pushing on the dog's chest, as another got the animal water.

In the body camera video, Wrinkler can be heard telling fellow officers where he found the dog.

"It was in the doorway looking back at the apartment. He was trying to go back in. I saw his foot twitching," Wrinkler was recorded saying.

Slowly the dog started bouncing back.

"Can you get up. No too tired?" one officer asked the dog.

A Grady EMT then brought an oxygen mask for the dog.

Officers eventually got the dog to a vet and have now nicknamed him Smokey.

Thursday morning, FOX 5 spoke with Officer Wrinkler and Officer Denninger, who are both overwhelmed by the reaction from the public.

"As an officer, that's our job," Denninger said. "I think that any officer would do the same thing."

Smokey was reportedly as good as new and was placed up for adoption at Fulton County Animal Services. If you would like to adopt him, click here.