Atlantic City looking to be ahead of the curve if New Jersey legalizes recreational marijuana

Atlantic City is already a popular gambling destination. Now, it could soon become a hotspot for a different kind of recreation; recreational marijuana.

The city's mayor, Frank Gilliam, has said A.C. could become a marijuana mecca if recreational marijuana is legalized in the Garden State.

New Jersey's Governor Phil Murphy is also on record saying he wants recreational marijuana legalized by January, and Gilliam wants his city to be ahead of the curve if that happens.

There are questions regarding legalization.

Opponents say traffic accidents skyrocket in states that legalize. Police say they've got no way to measure if someone's too high to drive. There are also health concerns, especially with young people.

The deal's not done in Trenton, so in the meantime, FOX 29's Hank Flynn went to Atlantic City to talk to visitors and residents about what they make of all of this. You can watch more in the video above.