Baby gets severely burned while being watched by babysitter

(INSIDE EDITION) - Authorities are investigating after a Tennessee family says their 4-month-old son was severely burned while under the care of a babysitter.

Little Maddox, of Huntingdon, was transported to the hospital last week with second-degree burns all over his face and third-degree burns from his chest to his knees.

"When [he was] handed to me, he was wrapped up and he was barely breathing," his mom Danielle Stover told "He wasn't crying at all. He was just in shock."

Stover explained her 4-month-old son was with his adult babysitter when the incident occurred.

Stover, who also has a 2-year-old daughter named Brooklyn, said she was in the car on her way to work when the babysitter called, hysterical. After several minutes on the phone, Stover was told her baby was burned.

When they arrived at the hospital, Stover said she was horrified to see the condition her baby was in.

"He was burnt, like 50 percent of his body," she said.

She said her babysitter told them she had gone to rinse little Maddox under the faucet and the water started running too hot. The babysitter went to turn the water off, but accidently turned it up, Stover said.

But, Stover said she doesn't buy the story.

"I don't believe it was an accident," she said. "And if it was an accident, her story doesn't fix this."

Maddox has since been flown to Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he continues to be treated for his burns. Stover said Maddox will need skin grafts using donor skin in the following weeks.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, which has taken over the case, told Thursday their probe is ongoing.

"Law enforcement officers with TBI and the Carroll County Sheriff's Department are continuing to gather the facts relevant to this incident to better determine the circumstances that led to the child's injuries," the TBI said in a statement.

A GoFundMe page has since been started to raise money for the 4-month-old's recovery.