Bakery creates sweet Super Bowl treats just in time for your Eagles watch party

Before you even walk in the door at Clay’s Creative Corner Bakery in Berwyn, you know they’re all about their Philadelphia Eagles. 

"You can feel the vibe in here. It's just unbelievable. People are so happy and it's ‘Go Birds, Go Eagles,’ that's all we say to each other all day," explained owner Denise Bones. 

Denise says the family business has been baking up a storm for almost 33 years, and the Birds going to the big game has them soaring right now. 

"This has been phenomenal," Denis added. "It’s an incredible boost to the business, incredible." 


As fans stocked up on sweet treats on Wednesday, it was standing room only at times inside the bakery. Customers swooned over the cases filled with creative cookies, cakes, and others Birds-themed baked goods. 

"I did some of their really cool looking cookies that they made and then also some of the face cookies which I thought were super fun because I meant that’s a little different, you don’t usually see that anywhere else," customer Gina Whalen said. 

Stephanie Demming has been coming to Clay’s for 20 years and appreciates their enthusiasm as much as their desserts! 

"They go beyond here, it’s amazing with everything they’ve done here. They have so much spirit here. We are lucky to have them in the neighborhood. It’s amazing," Demming explained. 

Clay’s says they will be taking orders through Saturday and accepts orders over the phone.