Ball Ground Woman Finds Ring in Tybee Island Sand

Can you help? A Ball Ground, Georgia woman hopes to return a special ring to the person who lost it.

During a recent trip to the coast, Abby Lamanac found what she believes to be a military ring from a special unit. She stumbled across it buried in the sand and because of its special markings knew it was probably missed by its owner.

Abby reached out to us here at FOX 5 News to see if we could help reunite this memento with its owner.

The ring was discovered in the sand on Tybee Island. She was close to the recycling bin near the pier when she found it in the sand.

Lamanac says the silver ring has the name Manuel on one side and 'Wolf Pack' on the other. It features a blue stone with a cross in the center. It also has some engravings and other distinguishing characteristics on the inside.

UPDATE: Abby reached out to the manufacturer of the ring and discovered it belongs to Bradley Manuel and was purchased at Fort Benning in March of 2009.

If you have any details about who Bradley may be, e-mail