Bear cub locks itself inside Colorado woman's car

A bear cub locked itself inside a Colorado woman's car yesterday.

Car owner, Annie Bruecker, was shocked and clueless on what to do next after she returned to her car and found a bear inside.

Bruecker had her car parked at a Jefferson County campsite with all the windows and doors closed.

Deputies believe that the young bear opened the rear hatch to climb inside the vehicle, but it still caused extensive damage inside the car.

The cub ripped the ceiling off, tore off the plastic sunroof cover and chewed up the steering wheel.

Deputy Josh Tillman claims that this is the first time he's ever had a call for a bear inside a car.

"When the door came open the bear jumped out kind of in my direction. I just kind of made a little bit of a loud yell at him and it startled him and he took off the other direction like we wanted him to," said Deputy Tillman.

When authorities finally opened the door, the bear ran away, and Bruecker's car had to be towed.