'Ben the Turkey' becomes the talk of Bensalem

Bensalem residents appear to have a new celebrity of sorts in their midst. "Ben the Turkey" has captured the heart of the town.

The turkey currently has a Facebook page of more than 1,100 followers. On the page, his fans often post pictures and videos of whatever location Ben seems to be doing that day.

Julie Rosenberg, who created the page, said she was inspired to do so because she wanted to bring some fun back into the world during these trying times.

"It just seemed like a time. It was right around when the kids were going back to school and there was a lot of controversy and a lot of arguing over issues with the school year. I felt like people needed something to smile about and laugh about," Rosenberg said.

"Ben the Turkey" has quite the personality. He regularly holds up traffic, always poses for pictures, and even has a favorite breakfast snack. Just ask Dunkin' manager Justin Johnson.

"Every day I come in around 6:30, 7 o'clock I see him strolling around he be up and down the road. Sometimes he’ll be at our back door," said Johnson.

You can even purchase a T-shirt and stickers of "Ben the Turkey" and proceeds from the sales will go to local community groups.

If you wish to visit Bensalem's Turkey Trot Facebook page, please click here.



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