Bench Honoring Boy Killed in Crash Removed from Park

GREENSBORO, N.C. -(WAGA) A bench meant to honor a baby boy who was killed in a car crash was removed from a park and the boy's family said it was taken out because it had a bible verse on it.

Mason Roten was just 16-months-old when he was killed in a hit-and-run accident.

"He was a joyful little boy," mother Heather Roten said.

Mason has been gone for three months now. To honor the baby, his family placed a bench that was given to them in a North Carolina Park; however, it was removed just days later.

"We were just overwhelmed that somebody would demoralize our little baby." said grandfather Christ Leupold.

The boy's family said the bench, which sat near a playground, was taken because of the Psalm 127:3 bible verse engraved on it.

It reads: Children are a Gift from the Lord, They are a Reward from Him.

The Elkin town manager released the following statement:

"The bench was first noticed on Monday morning and was removed due to not being approved by our Recreation and Parks Director. The bench does have religious symbols and scripture in its designs which no other bench in our park currently has."

The parents argue that they did get the bench approved by city officials. The town manager said they are working to find another place to put the bench and the issue will be discussed next Monday.

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