Bethelehem thief steals plants from front porches, according to police

A man has been stealing flowers right off the front porches of homes in the Lehigh County. Police say he's been doing this for quite a while.

Roses are red, violets are blue. Those aren't your flowers and the camera sees you.

And, Bethlehem Township Police are on the hunt.

"They're all over and there's a lot of plants around here so they could do pretty well around here," said a possible victim.

Cops say the west side of Bethlehem should be on alert for the man seen in surveillance images going for potted plants.

A neighbor tells FOX 29 off camera she may be one of the victims.

"I looked outside one morning and my most beautiful, favorite hanging plant was gone. I had it on a shepherd's hook and someone just picked it up and ran off with it, I guess," said the victim.

Her Mother's Day gift now gone.

"My kids were frustrated when I told them that someone took their plant," the victim said.

Police say the suspect was last seen leaving the area of 6th Avenue and West Broad in an older sedan. Detectives think he's the same guy behind similar thefts last year.

"It's pretty surprising. It's shocking," said Angelica Finelli.

Finelli says she's one of those flower lovers who spend hundreds of dollars on potted plants and has never heard of someone going around to steal them.

"I don't know who would do something like that, but they better not come to my house," Finelli said.