Bethlehem Health Department vaccinates 10,000 patients against COVID-19

Vaccines have been a struggle to get in most counties and states but one local spot says they've actually been doing pretty well.

Bethlehem Health Department tells FOX 29 that they have now vaccinated 10,000 patients. It's a huge milestone especially considering how small they are compared to other health departments in the commonwealth.  

At the same time, the state health secretary says Pennsylvania needs to do better. They are adjusting their vaccine rollout this week and they are narrowing the number of vaccine providers to between 200 to 300. 

Doses will be going to hospitals and county health departments that have already demonstrated the ability to vaccinate people quickly. 

"We had to practice drills for large clinic situations, so for years we have been doing drive through clinics, mass vaccination clinics," Kristen Wenrich, Bethlehem Health Director, explained about their success.

Compared to Bethlehem, Bucks County's vaccine administration is a huge contrast. Bucks is set to open their first public vaccine clinic next week. County commissioners have expressed frustrations that their facilities have struggled to get their hands on supply. 

Under the state new order that goes into effect next week, the big question is: will this make it harder to get doses in areas that have struggled or will this help vaccinate Pennsylvania faster? 


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