Biden's infrastructure plan has Montgomery County eyeing big ticket items on their wish list

President Joe Biden is proposing trillions of dollars in infrastructure improvements. Montgomery County has a lot of projects they would love to see funded.

When some people in Montgomery County gaze at the Schuylkill River spilling over the Norristown Dam, they see more than beauty.

They envision energy in the foaming water, ripe to harvest for power.

When bikers roll on the county trails, they see more riders on better roads.

Hydropower, bike lanes, and a train to the mall – they all appear on the 'Wish List' county officials gave to FOX 29 when asked what Montgomery County wants from President Joe Biden's proposed $2 trillion plan to fix roads, bridges, and more.

"As every resident of Pennsylvania knows, our infrastructure needs some help," said Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. "It helps the regional economy, not just in the construction of the project itself, but for decades into the future, and these types of projects are not cheap."

Atop the county's wish list is the long-hoped-for extension of the Norristown High Speed Line to King of Prussia – a projected once estimated to cost $1 billion.

On top of that, upgrading an old dam to make it a hydropower facility would also be pricy.

"It has the potential, we believe from studies that have been done, to provide 80% of the power for the county buildings in Norristown," Dr. Arkoosh said of the dam.

The plan President Biden recently unveiled in Pittsburgh makes local leaders drool at the thought of funding pig ticket projects. Critics argue it all just costs too much.

Along with upgrading buildings and parks, Montgomery County wants more affordable housing and help for the homeless.

They'd also love a few bucks for the Norristown Center perched where bike trails meet.

"This could be an awesome location to have a cold drink or a beer with people that you work with or other people in the community," explained Peter Simone, a landscape architect.

While the county dreams of a new community space there, Dr. Arkoosh has dreams of a new electrical grid and broadband for all.

"It would finally let us realize some of those long-wished-for projects," Dr. Arkoosh said of Biden's plan.



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