Big step in the right direction for SEPTA Regional Rail riders Monday

SEPTA Regional Rail riders may be rejoicing or at least a little more relaxed than they've been over the past three months.

This Monday morning shouldn't be as difficult as many Mondays tend to be. That's because most trains will finally return to their normal weekday schedules.

For the past three months, passengers say service has been rocky with fewer trains, delays and crowds on board while a third of SEPTA's fleet was out of service due to cracks in the Silverliner V trains.

"It was a nightmare," Anuj Gupta of Mt. Airy told FOX 29's Jennifer Joyce. "We managed the best we could. Sometimes we took the bus, sometimes the subway, sometimes the train. We are just glad the schedule will be back to normal tomorrow."

A SEPTA spokesperson said more than 50 of its 150 Silverliner Vs will be back in service by Oct. 3. Then, each day this week, additional cars are expected to go back online. During the transition, SEPTA will continue to run its leased rail cars to supplement its shortage; however, some of the trains may be short a car or two, so there could be crowding.

Anuj Gupta said he's just happy the trains will be running more frequently.

"Just the fact that we can get back to regular intervals," he said. The summer train woes have not only cost him time, but also money.

"If I don't pick my kids up by 6:00, we are paying a dollar a minute for every minute my kids are late," Gupta explained.

SEPTA General Manager Jeffrey D. Knueppel issued a statement saying, "We are excited to bring Regional Rail service back to the level our loyal customers expect and deserve. We are grateful to our customers for their patience, and we sincerely regret the inconvenience this situation has caused."

SEPTA said it thinks crowding will subside as additional rail cars are added throughout the week. Riders should refer to weekday schedules from June 19 as they plan their trips. A few trains are still running on modified schedules. Click here for SEPTA's website to confirm your train's schedule before heading out the door.