Bill Cosby performs at comedy club in Germantown

His last comedy tour ended after 60 or so women accused the 80-year-old of sexual misconduct. This is his first real performance in years.

Guests at La Rose jazz club in Germantown got a surprise tonight when Bill Cosby walked in.

The club invited him to do a brief standup and play with the band.

"It was absolutely a lot," said Cosby who spent about 45 minutes on stage before his media team rushed him out of the door. They tried to stop reporters from asking questions about the upcoming re-trial on sex assault charges.

"Wait I'll answer that. I came here tonight to enjoy being with my friend and the musicians and the people who came," said Cosby who says he isn't worried about how he's perceived being out in public with the trial just three months away.

"This is life and life changes and so it's not to be feared to go out. I just go out," he said.

People in the audience say the jazz community is very compassionate and empathetic.

"It just seemed like it was necessary for him to be out just to be around people to be comfortable. I guess be normal for a minute anyway," said Geraldine Oliver.

"I don't know the facts of everything so because of that I don't hold the grudge but I do as a woman I still have my feelings about it," said Valray, a vocalist.

Tony Williams is saxophonist for the club's band and has known Cosby for more than 40-years. He was part of his TV show band.

"I couldn't think of anything but positive things for Bill Cosby and that's the way he has projected himself all his life especially with us," said Williams.

After Cosby left two protesters who said they read online that he was here showed up.

"It is so offensive that this man needs to be held accountable. He needs to be inconvenienced," said Bird Milliken.