Birthday to remember: Responding firefighters end up serenading 93-year-old woman

Firefighters in North Carolina were called to a home of a 93-year-old woman who reportedly had her house filled with smoke due to a cooking mishap on May 16. 

When authorities arrived, they quickly resolved the issue and decided to make the woman’s day a bit better by singing her happy birthday. 

The Smithfield Fire Department said the woman, identified as Mrs Geraldine, left a pot on the stove too long while tending to her garden. 

"To make her 93rd a little better, A-shift serenaded her with Happy Birthday," the Smithfield Fire Department wrote on Facebook as they shared this video

The firefighters can be seen serenading Geraldine with a birthday tune on her front porch. 

Other Facebook users also chimed in wishing Geraldine a very happy birthday. 

"That is so sweet! Happy birthday," wrote one user. 

"Great singing," wrote another.