Black bear roams around Chester County

"We decided to get in the car and drive around and hope to see it," said Chris Grunwald. His family is on a mission in Willistown Township. They're on the lookout for a black bear police say someone spotted in the area today.

"We went hiking in a park in Malvern and then we just drove around did like a square around this little neighborhood," he said. His daughter Naia goes to General Wayne Elementary School. She told him dad about it when she got home. Administrators kept students at General Wayne and Sugartown Elementary inside all day after they got the alert.

"Some people were kind of worried because their parents aren't usually home when they get off the bus and they live near around here where the bear was seen," said Naia.

Willistown Police posted a picture on their Facebook page. It's a picture of what a resident said is the black bear they saw along Jaffery Road and Paoli Pike. Police got several calls from people saying they saw the bear going through yards.

"That's quite frightening. it is," said Diane Staszewski. She wonders if the bear is the reason she hasn't seen any deer around lately.

"As early as last week it was like 5 of them. I live right over there, all right by my garage and then I haven't seen them since which is very unusual. Usually we see them every night, every morning and now I'm wondering maybe the deer got a scent or something," said Staszewski.

Police believe the bear spotted today is the same one seen in Westtown Township over the weekend.

The Grunwalds say they won't go near it but they certainly hope to see it.

"No luck. Not yet at least," said Chris.

Police say if you see the bear you shouldn't go near it or chase it and the Game Commission is aware it's out there.