Blind Rock Hill mother sees family again with pair of high-tech glasses

Three years ago, Rock Hill mother Brandi Jones Ervin was robbed of her eyesight. After she had gastric bypass surgery, she noticed a blur that could not be rubbed away. She couldn't cook, she couldn't drive, and she couldn't watch her daughter perform in the high school marching band.

We, at FOX46 Charlotte, worked to get results for Ervin by way of high-tech Esight glasses.

"One day she's fine," says her sister Kenya Nelson. "The next day she calls me screaming 'I can't see! I can't see!"

In May of 2014, local doctors diagnosed Ervin as legally blind.

"In the beginning it was depressing," said Ervin. "I felt paranoid a lot because I couldn't hear people walk up to me, it's like… I can't see you."

Last August, we told Ervin's story and asked the community to help get results with a pair of fifteen thousand dollar glasses from Esight. After our story aired, donations and strong support from the community became clear.

"They were like, 'I can't do much but maybe I can give you a ride,'" said Ervin. "I got a lot of helping hands."

As Ervin continued to fundraise, the price of Esight glasses dropped from fifteen thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars. In May, Three M Productions in Charlotte and the Rock Hill H.O.P.E. Foundation covered the rest.

"They said we got to get you these glasses, we are gonna help you see," said Ervin.

On Tuesday, we got results, and witnessed this eye opening miracle.

"It was exciting, she just burst out and said, "I see you!" And it's like my heart stopped."

Esight glassed look like binoculars and brought her 20/40 vision back to a perfect 20/20 vision. The remote control allows users to zoom in and make the room brighter or darker.

With her Esight glasses, Ervin says she can be independent and get back to work. She plans to perform in Three M Production's concert on August 19 in Belmont. She plans to sing "Lord It's in Your Hands," wear her glasses, and zoom in to look at the crowd so can now see clearly.

"She can see she's not afraid anymore," said Nelson. "This is a new beginning for her all over again."