Body cam video of Georgia officer saving man from burning vehicle

Great video tonight of a high stakes rescue in Georgia.

Crashing on the side of a highway in Athens, back in May--a police officer came up just in time.

Watch this body-cam video... the car is burning, the officer rushes in and saves a man hanging out of the burning car--just before the car explodes.

Officer Daniel Whitney is talking about the incident where he saved a man's life today.

"It was exceptional, it was amazing the circumstances that I ended up being in, but it's nothing that officers don't do across the country all the time."

Deputy Chief Justin Gregory said, "The fact of the matter is this is pretty much the norm for officer Daniel whitney, he's just an exceptional police officer. It's a great example of when others are scared, its too dangerous, this officer went in."

"It's a great example of when others are scared, it's too dangerous, this officer went in. I happened to be the one that was there at the right time and got the right call and could make the difference," Officer Whitney said.

The driver of the car died in the accident, and the passenger almost surely would have had Officer Whitney not happened upon the scene.