Body found in Schuylkill River mystery death identified; family speaks out as second teen still missing

New details have emerged after officials found a dead body in the Schuylkill River that was then identified by a parent as his 21-year-old son who went missing along with his childhood friend after the two went for a drive with a third friend.

William Thomas says that the body found in the Schuylkill River Sunday was his son, Ausar Scott Thomas. The 21-year-old was enrolled in Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology’s Electrical Engineering Program. He hadn’t been seen in more than three weeks.

"I just couldn't stop crying," said the dad, "Could not stop crying thinking about the memories of him."

Ausar was reported missing the evening of March 7. 

"It was starting to line up that it's a strong possibility he may have actually drowned," said Thomas.

His dad says Ausar and two friends were driving to Northwest Philly, but only one out of the three friends returned home. 


Dead body discovered in Schuylkill River: police

Police have opened an investigation after they say a dead man’s body was found in the Schuylkill River Sunday afternoon.

Ausar’s childhood friend, 18-year-old Quadir Diaz, is still missing.

His mother, Taniesha Diaz, spoke on the matter. 

"They’ll never separate, so if something was done to Asuar, Quadir was going to stay there until the end," said Diaz. 

The friend that was last with Asuar and Quadir that night said they were last seen near Gypsy Lane and Lincoln Drive.

Family members said they searched the area along with the police.

"It's been a nightmare, literally like a mystery, not knowing what happened."

Quadir’s mom says the friend who returned home, told her someone was chasing their car causing them to crash and make a run for it. 

"I believe in my heart my son was set up," said Diaz. "I believe in my heart that if he is in the water he didn’t just jump, he was pushed or someone was chasing him…closure for my family is bringing him back to be able to have our goodbyes with him."

The medical examiner’s office is working to determine the cause of Ausar's death.

If you have any information, the families are asking you to contact the police.