Bomb unit called for possible explosive materials

A local resident brought several packages to the Franconia Township Police Department October 4. The resident found the packages while cleaning his son's room. The packages contained materials which appeared to officials as elements used to make explosive devices.

Inside of the packages were five clay bricks as well as an aluminum container that had wires coming out of the opening. Officials immediately placed these packages on the front lawn of the police building.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Department Bomb Unit was called in. Employees and visitors to the Police Department and Municipal Offices were evacuated as a precaution. Residents in homes on the opposite side of Allentown Road, across from the police station were told to "shelter-in-place."

Initially, sheriff deputy technicians thought the items were live explosives. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the materials were for training purposes. Deputies removed the items and no detonation was required.

The man who brought the materials to the police department spoke to his son. The son is deployed overseas in the military. The son confirmed to the father that the materials were for training purposes only.