Boston Market becomes 'Philly Market' in honor of Eagles

The countdown is on. In exactly one week, the Philadelphia Eagles will be taking on the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Of course Philadelphia is full of passionate fans, more hyped than ever.

Most people are wearing their Eagles pride on their bodies, with their shirts and their green hair, and on their cars, but there's one more thing…any reference to the New England Patriots has got to go. At least for the next week.

"Boston Market, Philly Market, get it? Yes, definitely it's a very Philly thing. It's cute, right? Mmmm hmmm," said Eagles fan Rafael Rodriguez.

"You thought you'd get in on the action? Absolutely one hundred percent. We support our team, we support our town. Go Philly!" explained "Philly" Boston Market General Manager Richard McDaniel.

"Eagles out, all day, every day," said fan Shanah Miller.

"You don't think it's too much? I don't think it's close to enough, we need this," McDaniel said.

Many Boston…ugh Philly Market customers had not yet seen the change made to Patriots Gallery at the Museum of the American Revolution. So, FOX 29 showed them.

"Look what they did. Oh that's awesome. That's hilarious," said fan Christopher Bonavolento.

"That's awesome, yeah," Luciana Bonavolento said.

"That's great. That's a good idea," said fan Brian Kennedy.

"You guys all pumped and ready? Yes, we plan to just sit and just watch the entire thing," said Christopher Bonavolento.

"From the safety of our home, but we're going to be cheering wholeheartedly," said Luciana Bonavolento.

The Boston Market is one of three that have temporarily changed their name to Philly Market. For added incentive, the Museum of the American Revolution is offering a two dollar discount if fans arrive in Philadelphia Eagles gear. Fans can then see the "Eagles" Gallery.