Boy Becomes 5th in Family to Wear the Same Sweater for Picture Day

Indiana (INSIDE EDITION) A seven-year-old boy has become the third generation - and fifth person - in his family to wear the same sweater for picture day.

Brady Gose, from Indiana, wore the 61-year-old V-neck sweater for his first-grade photo.

His dad wore it in 1982, and his grandfather wore it in 1958. Two of Brady's great uncles also wore the sweater for their own picture days back in the 50s.

"I thought it was cool," Brady told INSIDE EDITION of the hand-me-down.

When he wore it to class, it came with instructions for his teacher. His parents included a note in the sweater to make sure he took it off after the picture to further preserve it. The gray sweater is in remarkable condition.

His teacher was more than happy to oblige - especially because of what the class was learning.

"We're talking about tradition and he ended up wearing the sweater," she told INSIDE EDITION.

Brady's dad, Chuck Gose, added: "It shows that traditions can be simple."

The family hopes that Brady can share the tradition with his own son one day. And Brady already has a few words of advice.

"I'm gonna tell them they shouldn't get it dirty," he said.