Boy escorted to school by hundreds of bikers and jeeps after being bullied

(STORYFUL) An 8-year-old boy in Sherwood, Arkansas, was given a day to remember when hundreds of bikers and jeep drivers escorted him to school on Monday.

Alex Bruorton has a rare condition called Clove's syndrome, which causes parts of his face to never stop growing. According to his mom, Nichole, Alex was staying at home after he was bullied at school because of how he looks.

After one of his mom's friends, who's also a biker, shared a call-to-action to her fellow motorists, a large number of bikers, jeep drivers and members of local police departments showed up to help escort Alex to school.

"He had no idea. We've been only telling him that 20 or 30 people are coming. And we roll up and he's looking out and standing up in the back seat and he's like oh my God," Nichole said.