Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston leaves surprise gift at Dallas Love Field

A woman browsing books at a store inside Dallas Love Field stumbled upon a surprise gift from an award-winning actor.

Makenna Enfinger was stunned when she picked up a copy of Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston's memoir, "A Life in Parts," with a note from the actor himself.

Inside the book was a receipt for the book's purchase and a handwritten note that said:

"Thanks for taking a gander at my book. Take this book for yourself FREE! Really. I just bought it - see the receipt. I hope you enjoy the read. Have a nice day. -Bryan Cranston"

Enfinger posted a picture of the note and shared it on social media in disbelief.

"Found this on a shelf at love field airport… so amazing!" she wrote. "Can't wait to read it! Is this real???"

Although it hasn't been officially confirmed that Cranston wrote the note himself, he was in North Texas on Oct. 19 to read part of his memoir at SMU - the same day Enfinger found the book.

He raised Malcolm in the Middle, cooked meth in New Mexico and filled the sizable shoes of LBJ. Now, four-time...

"The book is amazing!" Enfinger wrote in a follow-up tweet. "So interestingly written, so glad I found it!"