Bride Shares Emotional Dance with Bone Marrow Donor at Her Wedding

SARTELL, SC (WTXF)- Greta Hokanson and Danny Daniels share a special bond. That bond saved Greta's life when back in 2007, when had been diagnosed with leukemia at 16.

In order to survive, Greta needed a bone marrow transplant, according to the SC Times.

Thanks to the Be The Match bone marrow registry, she was paired up with a compatible donor in Danny.

At the time, the two were total strangers, until two years after Greta's successful procedure, when they finally had a chance to meet.

When the met, Greta's mother Jan told the SC Times, "He said to me, 'I've spent my whole life saving lives in the Air National Guard,'" adding, "'Why wouldn't I save the life of a 16-year-old girl in Minnesota?'"

Fast forward to Greta's wedding day, just a few weeks ago on October 10 th . It's a day Greta, her husband Tony, and the rest of her family aren't afraid to admit never would have happened without the help of a kind and selfless stranger.

Not only were Danny and his wife in attendance, but Danny was honored and announced as Greta's donor at the reception. He received a standing ovation.

Greta's mother did her best to thank Danny, saying he saved more than just her daughter's life, but also hers and the rest of her family.

Danny's part in the reception wasn't over yet. Danny and Greta then shared a dance to "Angels Among Us" by Alabama.

Photographer Stacy Milburn of Phodot Photography tells the Huffington Post that the dance even forced her to hold back tears, adding, "Throughout the reception the room was filled with friends, family, tears, smiles and a tremendous amount of joy."

Milburn captured photos of the emotional dance. You can view them above and see more from Phodot Photography on their website.