Bryce is Right: Harper, Phillies agree to record $330M deal

The excitement has yet to fade after the team officially signed baseball's biggest free agent superstar. It would be easy to look at the Phillies new $330 million man and wonder-- how could Bryce Harper possibly be worth all that money?

Well, here's how. For one thing, merchandise sales are through the roof. Harper's jersey broke the all-time sports record for sales over a 24-hour period.

The Phillies' Majestic Clubhouse store was just about out of premade Harper tops by mid-day Monday and they couldn't personalize any more blank jerseys since they've temporarily run out of the letter R.

It doesn't hurt that Harper on an early pace for a Hall of Fame career seems to be a likable star.

Then, there are ticket sales; the Harper signing led to a weekend stampede at the box office.

By Monday that stampede had slowed a bit, but it's clear fans are once again happy to plunk down their hard-earned cash to see this team play.

It's not just the team that benefits.

American Marketing in Clifton Hights, Delaware County, is cranking out Harper T-shirts through a contract with the player and a company called 'Fans Only'.

Moments after Harper signed and chose his uniform number they were creating shirts for Forman Mills, and other outlets.