Bucks County Boy Set to Receive Prosthetic Leg After Battle with Bone Cancer

Bensalem, Pa. (WTXF) Some big changes are coming for a local boy who is putting up a brave fight against bone cancer. The11-year-old from Bucks County is scheduled to lose his leg later this month. But despite the life-changing decision his family says it's the best option.

Jack Ibbetson, of Bensalem, hasn't been able to walk since last summer. He had bone cancer in 2014 and underwent 10 months of chemo and surgery, but a complication has limited him to a wheelchair for at least the next couple of weeks.

"Doctors either said I could stay like this forever or get a prosthetic leg," Jack told FOX 29.

Jack and his family opted for the prosthetic. His leg is scheduled for amputation December 30th. 5 days after one of his favorite holidays.

"I'm angry because I have two choices and both of them stink," he said.

Somehow this bright, funny, budding musician with a big smile stays positive.

"To see him go through such a battle yet he still smiles it makes you proud but it's frustrating," his mother said.

"It's difficult to think that part of your son isn't going to be there anymore," his dad told FOX 29.

Recent visits with Eagles players and DJs Preston and Steve also help to boost this young boy's spirits ahead of what will be a very challenging ride - yet still he's focused on feeling healthy again.

"Just keep on fighting no matter what," said Jack.

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