Bucks County commissioners call for patience as vaccination efforts continue

Health officials in Bucks County have found themselves in the same situation as most other counties in the areas – in need of more COVID-19 vaccine doses.

Frustration day after day for those who want to be vaccinated, especially people with qualifying conditions. Bucks County Commissioners gave a COVID-19 update Thursday that sounded like every other county briefing for months. They are telling people to be patient because there aren’t enough doses right now.

"I would encourage people while they're waiting on the county to get up and running to be proactive for themselves and for family members," Commissioner Gene DiGirolamo said.

What else can you do?  When 86% of the vaccine that Bucks County receives goes directly to hospitals and pharmacies commissioners say it doesn't leave much for county injection sites.

"The county health department has gotten about 14% of the vaccine that's come in and there isn't any stockpiling. We're using it.  We're getting doses as they come in through the week and we're putting doses in arms," Commissioner Bob Harvie said.

Out of Bucks County's approximately 600,000 people more than 13,000 have gotten both shots a little better than 2%, while almost 35,000 have gotten their first doses


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