Bucks County Girl with Rare Eye Disease Gets Permanent E-Sight Glasses

Bucks County (WTXF) We've been following 12-year-old Lacey Bachart's story. She has a rare genetic eye disorder called Stargardt's Disease that has robbed her of most of her vision. Now we have a happy update; Lacey has received her permanent E-Sight glasses.

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Lacey could only see peripherally, so when her family saw E-Sight glasses on TV, which helped blind man see, they decided to travel to Cleveland.

Now Lacey sees life in a whole new way. For the first time she got to see the details of not just her room but her friends. One of the things she was very excited to see now that she has the new E-Sight glasses is her brothers playing basketball and her friends doing silly things.

See when the E-Sight glasses first arrived in the video above. Lacey's reaction is truly priceless.