Bucks County shop owner offers vaccine discount, met with strong backlash

A Bucks County business owner is offering her customers a deal, under one condition – they get the discount, if they are vaccinated.

But, not everyone is happy about it.

"It was more of a thank you to essential, frontline workers and senior citizens. People of high risk who have gotten vaccinated and feel comfortable coming into the store again," explained owner Donna Gouldey.

In a Facebook post a couple of weeks ago, Gouldey offered a "Thank You" for vaccinated shoppers at her eclectic gift shop in Doylestown.

"The offer was 10 percent off for showing your COVID vaccination card," Gouldey explained.

After an unsettling year in small business retail, dictated by COVID-19 closure, Donna’s store survived with an online presence. Her idea for a discount for those who are vaccinated was received in an unexpected way.

"Strong feelings from both directions. People were happy about it. People were really upset about it," Gouldey commented.

More than 1,000 comments on her Facebook post, many supportive, but, some shoppers said they wouldn’t come back.

And, those out and about also had strong opinions.

"That’s their opinion. It’s her business. Maybe she just wants to try to encourage people to get the vaccine, so we can move forward, as far as business goes," commented Jamal Harper.

Donna said she considered removing the post, but knows she can’t please everyone.

"I don’t think it’s fair. A lot of people want to be vaccinated or are unable to get vaccinated, yet," Robin Sherman lamented.

"I think if somebody made the effort and time to get vaccinated, they should be rewarded. That’s okay. Other people don’t get vaccinated and aren’t really helping the cause," added Tom Reed.



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