Bullet pierces window, flies through bedroom where two small children are sleeping

A bullet went through a bedroom window where two small children were asleep. It happened early Sunday morning in the Lake Claire Community in northeast Atlanta.

"It went through the corner of the window, hit the bookshelf, took out a big chunk, the slug landed behind the dresser," said the children's father, Michael.

Michael said a neighbor caught a group of guys trying to break into cars. When confronted, the guys jumped in their own car and fired out the window as they sped away.

Taylor Radke typically walks her dog, Wally, on the street. She said the gunfire has her on edge.

"I live right up the street and it's unnerving," said Radke.

Alexis Haggerty said car break-ins are not uncommon around here. Her car was broken into a few months ago. But this incident rises to another level.

"It's concerning that it has escalated to that point," said Haggerty.

Michael said it is terrifying that the bullet came through his children's bedroom, but there's already some good that is coming out of this horrifying experience. He said neighbors are all checking their surveillance video for images of the men who fired the gun.

"There's already a lot of neighborhood involvement and people are now wanting to figure out how to better police the neighborhood," said Michael.