Burger King's 1-cent Whopper deal charges man nearly $1,100

A Burger King marketing prank ended up costing a California man a whopping thousand dollars.

Boyce Harvey played along with a special Burger King promotion, which directs customers to McDonald's. Customers within 600 feet of a McDonald's location can open up the Burger King app and automatically receive a deal for a Whopper sandwich - for a penny.

Harvey followed the app's instructions, but when he arrived at Burger King to receive his one-cent Whopper sandwich, the restaurant couldn't find his deal. So, he reordered it, but later noticed Burger King charged him $1,093.91. It created an overdraft in his bank account.

Burger King said the incident is an isolated technical issue, and will give him a full refund. They provided the following statement to FOX News:

"We've seen tremendous success with the Whopper Detour promotion since its launch last week. We can confirm that the case concerning this guest is related to an isolated technical issue, and we're taking this very seriously. We've been in direct contact with the guest to ensure a full refund is issued immediately."