Burglar who targeted elderly homeowners still on the loose

The Maple Shade Police Department is investigating four diversion burglaries that have occurred between Aug. 28 and Sept. 6.

Investigators say, each time, the suspect works his way into the house and begins to move about, often asking for a drink. He moves around the house to divert the victim's attention and cause confusion.

On Aug. 28 at approximately 7PM in the 600 block of Stiles Ave, the suspect convinced an Alzheimer's patient to take him inside of his house to show him around, and once inside told the victim's wife he was a neighbor. He also said he was selling meat and seafood. He asked for a drink of water then helped himself to a Gatorade in the refrigerator. The victim later discovered money missing.

On Sept. 4 at approximately 1230 PM in the 400 block of N. Forklanding Rd, the suspect knocked and said he was the paper delivery guy and asked to come in and once inside stated he was going to start selling food. He moved about the residence but the victim kept a close watch on him. Nothing reported stolen from this victim as of this writing. The victim saw the suspect's vehicle and described it as a small gray pickup with a white Styrofoam cooler in the back.

On Sept. 4 at approximately 4 PM in the 1000 block of Fernwood Ave, the suspect walked into a home without knocking, stated he was a neighbor and that he was selling meat. He asked for a drink of water but was not given any. Later a purse containing money was discovered missing. A neighbor noticed a small blue or gray pickup that the suspect may have been driving.

On Sept. 6 at approximately 1208 PM in the unit block of S. Terrace Ave, the suspect entered the victim's apartment and asked for a drink. He went into the kitchen and took a Gatorade and left. Later the victim discovered two envelopes of money missing.

Though three of the victims were more than 80 years old, they were able to provide a description of the suspect to a police sketch artist. Those three sketches are included with this release. If anyone can identify the subject(s) in the sketches please call Maple Shade Police at 856-234-8300.