Burlington County middle school selected among 100 schools to compete in rocket challenge

Middle and high school students across the country have the opportunity to compete in the American Rocketry Challenge.

922 teams from across the nation competed for a spot, but only 100 schools were selected.

One of those schools is in Medford Lakes in Burlington County.

7th and 8th grade students from Neeta School's Medford Lakes Rocketry are heading to Virginia this weekend for the competition.

FOX 29 had an opportunity to learn more about the rocket they're launching.

Students said they had to better understand how the weather like rain and wind affects the rocket. From launching in different weather conditions, they adjusted how the rocket is made so it's better prepared for all of what Mother Nature will throw at it.

They explained how they are preparing for the competition and how excited they are to participate.

They even used a 3D printer in their classroom to make components of the rocket.

For more information, head to the American Rocketry Challenge website.