Burlington Township police seek three men after assault

Police in Burlington Township, New Jersey say a man was driving down the road late Thursday, April 12 when he saw emergency lights flashing behind him.

He expected an officer to walk to his car.

Instead, it was three men who allegedly pulled him out of his car and assaulted him.

"We live out here, we thought we're safe and to hear this is unsettling," said Kay Goffa.

Goffa is alarmed upon learning three men allegedly pretended to be real cops and attacked a man they pulled over.

"It's good hearing about it now so we can take precaution," said Goffa.

The real Burlington Township police say they found a 28-year-old man who was thrown to the ground, kicked and robbed on the Burlington Bypass, after three guys in dark clothes, driving a dark colored SUV, pulled him over.

"It gives the cops a bad impression, even though they didn't do anything, cause then it builds the animosity," said one concerned resident.

"It's definitely concerning. I have kids here and we all trust the police. We all trust Burlington Police as anyone probably should," said Eric Mendoza.

Township investigators tell FOX 29 the SUV had blue and white emergency style lights on the front windshield and front bumper area.

Police say state law requires official police vehicles to have red emergency lights included on all cruisers.

"The average citizen wouldn't know. For me, if I see a blinking light and it looks like a police car, I would automatically stop. It's scary," said Goffa.