Bus Driver Helps Elderly Passenger

MILWAUKEE, WI--Sometimes the simplest acts can be the most memorable.

A morning bus ride in Milwaukee Wednesday morning brought two strangers together. The Milwaukee County bus driver is being commended for an act of kindness that went a long way.

Chris Martin has now received five commendations from the Milwaukee County Transit System. He says he's not the only one who is helping out his riders, he says his co-workers are doing the same things every day.

"I always try to help out when I can," he explained. " It's something we do on a day-to-day basis.

Tuesday morning was no different when he picked up an elderly man who needed to catch a connecting bus The man was headed to the VA Hospital.

Video from inside the bus shows the man exiting what happens next is simple to say the least. But each person who sees it can't help but smile. Martin jumps from his driver's seat to help the elderly man.

"He said, 'I need to get on the 23. I can't miss this 23,'" Martin talking about what the man said to him

So Martin parked the bus and walked the man across the street to the connecting bus.

"He appreciated, you know, I felt good doing a good deed," he explained.

Other riders inside took notice passing along a good word to Milwaukee County Transit.

"Our driver's and all of our employees do a great job and we're happy to help highlight it," said MCTS spokesman Brendan Conway.

For Martin was just another day on the job. He's just happy his small act of kindness had a big impact.