Business Owners Robbed Inside Home Above Chinese Take Out Store

A local mom describes a terrifying ordeal to FOX 29 after two men break into her home and threaten her two little boys.

One of the children was tied up with duct tape. The home invasion happened Friday morning in Grey's Ferry.

"She scared. She really scared," said a 30-year old woman describing the frantic call she got from her mother around 11:30 Friday morning.

"Two guys open this window and come in," she said. We're not identifying her to protect the family.

"She just say the guys take the gun to come to go to the second floor and they have both children. She said it's really danger. Come home and call 911."

The woman says her mom was home on the 2700 block of Earp Street in South Philadelphia watching her 4-year old daughter an d2-year old son while she was at work. She believes the two suspects climbed a tree on the side of the house to get in through a second floor window which they allegedly broke.

"They use the gun to point at my mom," she said. Her mom tells her one man had a gun while the other held both children eventually duct taping the 4-year old.

"Both babies they cry right. My girl, they put tape on my baby's mouth, neck and her head. I was really scared. I was really scared. The babies are my whole life," she said. Her mother ran out with her cellphone and called for help. Police and SWAT surrounded the house searching for the suspects who took of, the family says, with nothing.

"They want money but we don't have money that's why we work. If we had money we wouldn't want to work anymore. We would just stay home and take care of the children but a lot of people don't know that. They think Asian people have a lot of money," she said.

The family lives above a Chinese takeout place they own but it's no longer open for business. They now run food trucks around the city. They believe the suspects had been watching them for a while. Police say the only description they got from the victim is that one of the men was dressed in black.