Bystander rushes to help police officer in struggle with suspect

Usually police officers save us but this time, a hero saved an Oklahoma officer and his action was caught on patrol car dashcam video.

That hero was a bystander who rushed to help the officer who was attacked while trying to arrest a credit card fraud suspect.

It happened Monday. FOX affiliate KOKH reports two men at a store reportedly had stolen credit cards. The store called police. The men drove away but the police officer caught up, and the suspects ran into and then out of a dance studio.

The unnamed civilian tackled Yohanker Paradela-Moreu as he struggled with officers. The hero and a Taser led to Paradela-Moreu's arrest.

He was was charged with aggravated assault and battery upon a police officer, and obstruction of a police officer.

The officer suffered minor abrasions.

The second suspect got away.