Camden Academy student told to remove Nigerian head wrap

A student at Camden Academy Charter High and her mother are enraged after the school told the girl to remove her Nigerian head wrap because it was in violation of the school's uniform policy.

Geniah Miller says that she was approached by the school's principal and was questioned about the head dress. When she explained the meaning behind the garment she was told to remove it.

"The way she came at me and what she said to me was hurtful, especially when other students were around," said Miller.

The principal then notified Geniah's mother, Chioma Sullivan, about her daughter's infraction.

"She said that the head wrap is not allowed and that it had to be removed or she would sit in in-school suspension, or she had to be picked up from school," said Sullivan.

After she pulled her daughter from school, Chioma took to Facebook to vent her frustrations.

"I'm angry as hell that my daughter was not allowed to represent Black History Month," said Sullivan. "She didn't do anything wrong! She was expressing who we are and she should be allowed to do that!"

In a written statement, Camden Academy said the incident was simply a violation of their uniform policy, and was handled correctly and professionally by the principal.

Sullivan says that she was told by the principal that the school plans to dedicate a day to cultural expression.