Camden County Police Department launches new STOPit app for texting tips

The Camden County Police Department is using a new tool called STOPit to deter crime. The app allows police to collect reports from citzens about illegal activity. People can submit information in real-time and anonymously. 

"We're going to try anything to reach out to the community to open those channels of communication," Camden County Police Community Commander Lt. Zsakhiem James told FOX 29. 

"You can actually send us a picture so we can see exactly what you're looking at instead of offering vague eyewitness descriptions, and you can text back and forth with an officer inside the app without them ever knowing who you are,"  Lt.Zsakhiem said.

STOPit also allows officers to notify the public about important public safety information.

Since April, 600 people have signed up for the app and Camden police have received over 500 tips. 

If you're interested in downloading the app, please click here.