Camden County residents brace for bitter cold, snow squalls

Philadelphia might not get a white christmas, but a week before the big holiday snowfall could be seen dotting roads and lawns in the city and surrounding counties.

 "It just gets you ready for Christmas right?" Maureen Timber said. 

"We just saw snow squalls about 2:00 in the afternoon," said Timber. She and Sharon Merriman were out at Towne Place at Garden State in Cherry Hill. They’re ok with the snow flurries, but split on the frigid temps expected tomorrow.

 "I'm never ready for it, but I guess the calendar says it's time for it," Merriman said. 

The Watts family were heading to the mall Wednesday to do some Christmas shopping.

 "We're just hanging out, doing a little shopping for each other and spending time with each other just enjoying the season," said Crystal Watts. They have no concerns about the weather.


 "When you're shopping you get real heated up," Watts said. Many out tonight have their minds on the holiday and say the weather changing is part of the season.

 "It's adrenaline for us. We go out in blizzards. It's adrenaline. We love it. We love the cold air," Watts said. And because winter is officially three days away there' only one way to deal with it.

 "We wear the right attire," Arnold Watts said.

"Wrapped up with sweaters, coats, scarves, gloves hats and we protect our faces," said the couple.