Camden County residents hit hard by severe thunderstorms Wednesday

A second round of storms, marked by a line of thick dark clouds and constantly lightning, barreled through Camden County.

The renewed wave of severe thunderstorms brought downpours of rain as it hit the Philadelphia region at approximately 7:30 p.m. 

For many people in southern New Jersey, the storm came one day after a full day of clean-ups from Tuesday's storms. 

Tricia McLister, a resident of Cherry Hill, spoke with FOX 29's Jenni Joyce about the storm and the damage it wrought.

"We looked out our window and saw that our backyard was no longer visible," McLister remarked before describing how large chunks of trees littered their backyard with debris. 

"If it would’ve fallen this way, we would have a totally different story right now," McLister said as she explained that the damage to her property was largely minimal and for that fact she's thankful. 

A maze of wires, downed trees down and caution tape were the remarkable scene in the housing development.

"Once the tree fell down, mom panicked," John Galie, 47 of Cherry Hill, explained after a tree was uprooted in their yard.

"We heard the loud breeze," Nina Galie added. "I think we heard some other trees come down so I ran upstairs to get the baby."

The Galie family remarked in depth the ferocity and power of the quick-moving storm. 

Pete Galie explained that the storm was just another aspect of chaos to turbulent days recently.

"There’s a lot of scary things happening right now in the world. So in most cases this would be up there but these days it’s like run of the mill these days right?" he said.