Cap and Gone: Teen Causes Social Media Frenzy After Walking Out of High School Graduation

(INSIDE EDITION) - It was pomp and no consequence for a Pennsylvania high school student who took her her diploma and just kept on walking.

Each of the graduates of Parkland High School in Allentown came on stage when their names were called and returned to their assigned seats... except for Tayler Michelle Gray.

In a video that has gone viral this week, Gray proudly accepts her diploma and walks off the stage just like all the other students, poses for the official photo and then walked past her seat and out the door.

"I wanted to go spend the time with my family, than just sit there. I was way too excited, so I had to do what I had to do and keep going," she told Inside Edition.

Reaction has been mixed after the 19-year-old posted the video of her exit on social media.

"Disrespectful and tacky," wrote one mom.

One teen wrote: "Amazing."

"I don't feel that I did anything disrespectful. When I was walking out I just minded my business, I didn't interrupt the ceremony," Gray told Inside Edition. "It was more important for me to spend the time with my family than to sit and wait for everybody else. I don't feel I was being disrespectful."

Following the abrupt exit, he and her family later had lunch at Applebee's.

"By the time the ceremony was over and we were sitting at Applebee's and everybody started barging in, we were done with our food," she said.