Car crashes onto tracks at busy SEPTA station

A car ended up on SEPTA's Regional Rail tracks but luckily, the driver is OK, nobody else was hurt and no trains were passing by.

This happened at the Fern Rock Station at about 4:30am.

FOX 29's Sabina Kuriakose reports the driver lost the car's brakes and went over not one, but two sets of tracks, and ended up there.

The car had gone through a small opening for the stairs that lead passengers down to the platform, from ticket sales and the parking lot.

When SEPTA crews got to the scene, Sabina said the driver had actually put a jack under the car to lift and possibly move it. That was dangerous, considering trains were using the other track, and crews got him out of the way.

It took a tow truck to remove the car.

SEPTA police spoke to the driver and say the investigation is ongoing.

Keep in mind, trains on three different Regional Rail lines -- Doylestown, Warminster and West Trenton -- all go through Fern Rock. SEPTA's website reports no delays on any of those lines.